First Sensitive
Sanitary Pads

Why Choose Sensitives?

Developed with the best-quality soft, cotton-like material, our Sensitives range of sanitary pads is derma- tested for maximum comfort and rash-free period days.

The 360° airflow technology ensures you stay dry and comfy all day long, while the 100% perfume and ink free cotton sheet keeps you safe from allergies!

If you’re confused about what to choose for your unique size and menstrual flow, take this quiz to Embrace your perfect fit!

Stay Comfortable All Day Long with Our Best Sensitive Sanitary Pads

It’s time to give your period the best sanitary pads products it deserves and say hello to Embrace!
We proudly provide the best sanitary pads for all women. Our sanitary pads are specifically designed to
create a comfortable and safe experience during your period. We have a range of styles and sizes of
cotton pads for periods to fit all individual needs. So, you can always trust that you’ll have the perfect
pad for you and buy them easily online in Pakistan.
At Embrace, we understand that periods can be uncomfortable and even painful for some women. That
is why we have developed especially gentle pads on sensitive skin. Our pads are made of soft,
breathable material that lets your skin breathe while being protected and safe. Plus, they provide a rash-
free period so you can relax and let your body do its thing.
We have sensitive ultra-thin pads in long and extra-long and besides this, we have maxi-long and maxi
extra-long sanitary pads in Pakistan. So, give your period the respect and comfort it deserves, and let us
be your go-to source for the best sanitary pads.
Our commitment to providing the best in the market reflects in our Sensitives range of derma-tested
sanitary pads for maximum comfort and rash-free period days. We know that women's bodies are
different and we make sure to cater to their every need.
We understand that the menstrual flow of South Asian women is different and so we have created
products that are tailored for these unique needs. We strive to make your period days as comfortable
and stress-free as possible.
Whether you want to go with sensitive ultra-thin pads or maxi sanitary pads, at Embrace, we only use
the best quality materials for our product. Our sanitary pads are made of soft, breathable materials that
ensure maximum comfort and safety during your menstrual days.
We believe that our sensitive products are the key to helping women live their lives to the fullest. We
understand the challenges that come with being a woman, and we are here to support you through it
Choose Embrace to buy the best cotton pads for your periods in Pakistan, because you deserve the best
in period care. Join us in embracing a healthy and confident period of life!
Go ahead and embrace your period!