Your Constant
Comfort Partner!

From Where It
All Began

Packages Group is one of the leading and largest manufacturing organizations providing world class hygiene solutions.

The company has successfully built a reputation for conducting its business with integrity, in accordance with high standards of ethical behavior, and in compliance with the laws and regulations that govern our business.

For us, the quality of our products and services comes above all else!

Catering to Your Hygiene
Needs Since 1982

Packages Ltd. introduced disposable hygiene in Pakistan for the very first time in 1982, as Rose Petal. Our sister brands in tissue category, Rose Petal and Tulip cater to the hygiene needs of our consumers and have a history of providing innovative products with the evolving needs of the consumer.

With this strong infrastructure, we now step into the femcare category as Embrace. Embrace has introduced Pakistan’s first ever Sensitives sanitary napkin range particularly designed for rash and allergy prone skins and an Essentials range that offers unparalleled absorption capacity for regular use.

Comfortable Ho Jao

We believe it’s time to be comfortably ‘woman’ in a world where menstruation is still a topic talked about in hushed tones, where periods are still a taboo, where women still hesitate to Embrace their bodies.

It’s time to get comfortable with:

Derma-Tested Sensitive Pads

Derma-tested for sensitive skin

360° Airflow

Light and airy for soothing breathability

Tetra-Layer Absorbent Lock

Four-layered absorbency sheet

Odor Proof

Stay odor free for longer hours