Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Sensitives and Essentials products?

Our Essentials range is designed to provide you instant dryness and maximum comfort for daily use. It boasts a tetra-lock absorbent core which gives you instant absorption. It has a soft top layer that ensures you feel comfortable throughout your period, and our odor-proof technology prevents any lingering odors for longer hours.

Our Sensitives range is designed for people who complain of skin irritation, rashes, allergies or other adverse reactions to pads during their periods. The silky soft pads are derma-tested.

Which Embrace pad should I choose?

Here’s how you can pick a product range, Sensitives or Essentials:

  • If you get skin irritation, rashes or allergies during your period, choose Sensitives
  • If you don’t suffer from itchiness, rashes, allergies or irritation during your period, choose Essentials

Here’s how you can pick the right product size:

  • If your flow is high to moderate, use our Extra Long pads
  • If your flow is low, use our Long pads

Here’s how to pick between Maxi and Ultra-Thin options:

    • If you like thick pads, choose Maxi
    • If you prefer thin pads, use Ultra-Thin

Why should I use Sensitives?

Here’s why you should use Sensitives pads:

  • Soft Cotton Top – Soft like cotton, for the best skin comfort.
  • Derma Tested for Sensitive Skin – Ensures the ultimate care to ensure you don’t suffer from rashes or skin irritation.
  • 100% perfume and ink free – No perfume or ink which may cause rashes or irritation.

Why should I use Essentials?

Here’s why you should use Essentials pads:
  • Tetra Layer Absorbent lock – a leak proof, four layered core for maximum absorbency.
  • No Plastic Feel – Soft-to-touch material that guarantees comfort.
  • Odor Proof – No lingering odor for longer hours.

Which Embrace pad is best for heavy period flow?

If you experience a heavy flow during your period, we have you covered with our Extra-Long Essentials range, which helps with instant absorption through its tetra-lock absorbent core.

Which Embrace pad provides maximum instant absorption?

Our Essentials range provides instant dryness given its Tetra- layered lock core which helps with rapid absorption.

Do you have different sizes of pads available?

Yes, we offer two sizes for your convenience and flow needs: Extra Long and Long.

Do you offer thin pads?

Our Ultra-Thin pads are available in both ranges, Essentials and Sensitives, in two sizes, Long and Extra-Long for you to choose from.

Do you offer thick pads?

Our Maxi pads are available in both ranges, Essentials and Sensitives, in two sizes, Long and Extra-Long for you to choose from.

Why should I track my period?

Period tracking not only helps you know when to expect your period, it also helps you understand your cycle better by tracking your symptoms so you can keep tabs on your menstrual health.

Can I know more about my menstrual health?

The Embrace App has a wide range of articles to help you understand how your body works and provide you with authentic knowledge related to your menstrual health.

Download it now to login your period and symptoms so you can track your period and ensure your menstrual health is not overlooked.