Sensitives - 

Maxi – Extra Long

8 pcs - 

Rs. 345

The Sensitives maxi extra-long pads are a perfect fit for you if you have sensitive skin and want a pad that won’t cause rashes while managing to handle your heavy blood flow. Stop worrying about allergies and rashes while you stay leak-free and utterly comfortable with the Sensitives maxi pads range.

Cotton Soft Top
100% Perfume & Ink Free
Derma-Tested For Sensitive Skin
Widest Back
360° Airflow

If you’re confused about what to choose for your unique size and menstrual flow, take this quiz to Embrace your perfect fit!

Be Fearless All Day Long with Our Widest Sanitary Pads

Introducing Embrace's revolutionary sanitary pads for sensitive skin, designed to give you maximum comfort and protection. Say goodbye to the discomfort of your monthly cycle with our widest sanitary pads.

Embrace pads are maxi thick, providing superior absorbency that ensures you stay dry and fresh all day. We understand the importance of comfort, and that’s why our pads are extra-long to offer full coverage and give you peace of mind.

Our pads are specially formulated for sensitive skin, making them perfect for women who suffer from allergies or skin irritations. We only use the best materials to ensure that our pads are gentle on your skin while still providing maximum protection.

With Embrace widest sanitary pads, you no longer have to worry about leakage or discomfort. You can go about your day confidently, knowing that you have the best protection possible. Whether you’re working, studying, or running errands, Embrace has got you covered. Say goodbye to those uncomfortable days and switch to Embrace today. Order your pack of the widest sanitary pads for sensitive skin and enjoy ultimate comfort during your menstrual cycle. With Embrace, every day is a good day.

So, do not forget to buy these maxi thick and Extra-Long newest innovations in feminine hygiene –for Sensitive Skin! This game-changing product is designed specifically for women who experience sensitivity or irritation during their menstrual cycle.

In addition to this, our sanitary pads are longer and wider than traditional pads, providing ultimate coverage and protection throughout the day or night. Made from the softest and most gentle materials, they won't cause any irritation, itching, or discomfort.

We understand that women have different preferences when it comes to absorbency, which is why our pads come in different levels of absorbency to suit your needs. From light to heavy flow, we have got you covered!

These Extra Long Widest Sanitary Pads for Sensitive Skin also come with wings that secure the pad in place, giving you extra confidence and protection, even on the heaviest of days. But it doesn’t end there. Our sanitary pads are not only designed for maximum protection but also for optimal comfort. We know how uncomfortable and frustrating it can be to have to constantly adjust your pad, but with our product, you won’t have to. They are contoured to fit your body’s shape, ensuring that they stay in place without shifting.

We believe that every woman deserves a sanitary pad that can keep up with her needs, which is why we have put so much thought into creating this product. So, if you’re tired of worrying about sensitivity, irritation, and discomfort, try our Extra Long Widest Sanitary Pads for
Sensitive Skin today! You won't be disappointed.

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