Essentials - 

Ultra-Thin – Long

9 pcs - 

Rs. 320

Designed to provide you maximum comfort through instant absorption, the Essentials ultra-thin pad would feel as if it’s barely there, however providing optimum protection from leaks. This ultra-thin Essentials pad in long size would keep you comfortable, fresh and odor-free for hours while you’re on your period.

Gentle Soft Feel
Tetra-Layer Absorbent Lock
Odor Proof
Widest Back
360° Airflow

If you’re confused about what to choose for your unique size and menstrual flow, take this quiz to Embrace your perfect fit!

Embrace Your Periods – Buy Our Essentials Ultra-Thin Pads

At Embrace, we understand the needs of modern women. That’s why we created ultra-thin sanitary pads in our essentials range of sanitary pads, to empower women of all ages and to ensure that periods are more pleasant and less intrusive.

Made of 100% natural cotton and with a thickness of a mere three millimeters, Embrace essentials ultra- thin pads provide the maximum absorption capacity with the least visibility and bulk. With our innovative pads, you will have complete protection and stay worry-free all day long. So, stay comfortable all day long and buy essentials ultra-thin pads today at an amazing price!

And, now with our online store, you can easily buy our unique essentials ultra-thin pads whenever you need them. Our store offers a hassle-free shopping experience with multiple payment options. You can get your parcel at your doorstep without leaving your couch!

In addition to this, we strive to provide an optimal experience to our customers. That’s why we are constantly innovating and improving our products. So, if you are looking for the perfect pads to make your period less disruptive and more comfortable, Embrace essentials ultra-thin pads are the ideal choice for you!

So, if you’re looking for ultra-thin protection for your period, we have the perfect sanitary pads for you. Our essentials ultra-thin sanitary pads are made from soft cotton and have a quick-absorbing core to keep you feeling dry and comfortable.

Buy our essentials ultra-thin pads today because they are designed for maximum comfort, so you don’t have to worry about a bulky pad. Plus, our pads are acne friendly, breathable, and have an adhesive strip to keep them securely in place.

We understand that your period can be uncomfortable, so our essentials ultra-thin sanitary pads provide the comfort and protection you need. With our quick-absorbing core, you can be sure that your period won’t leak or transfer to your clothes. Plus, the breathable layers help keep your skin dry, so you won’t have to worry about irritation or rashes.

Our ultra-thin sanitary pads also provide added protection with their adhesive strip. This helps keep the pad securely in place and prevents any leaks. This makes it easier to go about your day with confidence knowing that you have the protection you need.

If you’re looking for an ultra-thin pad that provides maximum comfort and protection, we have the perfect option for you. Our essentials ultra-thin pads provide the comfort and protection you need so you can always feel your best.

Are period leaks common with you?

If yes, you’re probably not using the right pad!