Why is Your Period So Light?

Is your period lighter than usual? Or did it only last for 2-3 days instead of the usual 7 days?

Light periods may be caused by a range of factors such as age, diet, and lifestyle. They aren’t really a cause of concern, but can indicate irregularities in your body’s normal functioning.

What is Meant by a Light Period?

Since every woman’s period is different, your ‘light period’ may be normal for someone else, and vice versa.

So how can you identify ‘light’ period?

A light period is when the bleeding and other symptoms are much mild as compared to your regular period. For example, if you usually bleed for 7 days each month, and it’s dropped to 2 days bleeding with spotting for the rest of 5 days, it will be considered a light period.

If you pay attention to your period symptoms, you’ll also notice that you experience less pronounced symptoms in a lighter period. For instance, if you experience sleeplessness or severe cramps during your regular periods, but these symptoms become mild or disappear suddenly, it could be a sign of a light period.

The common symptoms of light periods include:

  • Shorter than usual periods, usually less than 3 days
  • A consistent, slow blood flow, almost like spotting
  • Less severe or no accompanying symptoms

Are Light Periods a Cause of Concern?

No, having a lighter than usual period isn’t something to stress about.

For some women, it may be a relief as they’ll experience less severe side effects. However, if you experience light periods for several months, it could signal that something’s wrong with your system.

Lighter periods could also indicate an insufficient diet, deficiency of nutrients in your body, or an underlying illness.

In most cases, if it’s an illness, you’d experience other symptoms as well, such as pain in your abdomen, lower back pain, or discomfort during sexual intercourse.

Anyhow, if your periods are lighter than normal for several months (1-2 days bleeding with light spotting for the rest of your period days), consulting a gynecologist would be a good option.

What Causes Light Periods?

Light periods can be caused by a range of factors from a poor diet to early pregnancy. Here are the common causes of light periods:

1. Poor Diet

If your body isn’t getting enough nutrients, it could affect your mensuration cycle negatively.

Women with eating disorders such as Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia often experience lighter than usual periods.

So, before we move on to the other causes of light period, don’t forget to give a thought to your body’s nutrient intake.

2. Body Weight

Are you underweight or have you lost a lot of weight recently?

It could be the cause behind your lighter period.

Weight loss may feel great (if you really want to do it), but many people take it too far because of the obvious social stigma.

A lot of popular weight loss programs are designed to make you lose weight in a short time period. However, this often wreaks havoc on your body and may cause several health issues.

If you want to lose weight, don’t stop the proper nutrient intake of your body. Remember, you’re pretty the way you are and a weight loss program shouldn’t deprive your body of the basic necessary nutrients.

Hormonal Birth Control

Are you using hormonal birth control supplements?

If yes, it may be affecting your period.

Hormonal birth control pills can cause hormonal imbalances, resulting in either lighter or heavier periods. This isn’t something to stress about since your body will gradually adjust to the medication. Within two or three months of using them, your period will return to normal.

3. Age

Are you below 20 or above 45? During these age brackets, it’s normal to experience lighter than usual periods.

Older women, in particular, are more likely to experience hormonal changes, which can cause lighter than usual periods. As you near menopause, your periods will gradually start getting lighter, until they stop completely.

4. Emotional Stress

Did you know that emotional stress can affect your mensuration cycle? Whether you’re suffering from anxiety or depression, or you are under stress for any other reason, stress cause disruptions in your period.

However, this will usually be a one-time occurrence and your period will get back to normal when you’re over the emotional stress.

5. Early Pregnancy

Lastly, a lighter than usual period is often regarded as a sign of early pregnancy. During the first or second month of your pregnancy, you may experience lighter than usual periods or you might not have a period at all.

If you suspect that your period is lighter than usual because you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test right away and get in touch with your doctor.

All in all, remember that lighter periods aren’t something to stress about. In most cases, it will be a one-time occurrence. However, if the problem persists, visit your doctor for a checkup.

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