About Period Acne: Causes and Home Remedies

Do you experience a surge in acne before your period? Have you tried to get rid of it with every remedy imaginable, only to have it come back each month?

If so, then you’re not alone!

Almost 65% of women experience an increase in acne before their period caused by hormonal changes and as side effects of menstruation.

Fortunately, you can treat period acne with both dietary and home remedies.

Read on to discover the causes of acne breakouts and for expert treatment tips.

Note: Even if you’re unable to treat acne, remember that pimples and scars does not make you ugly. Chin up, beautiful!

What Causes Period Acne?

You may have heard that acne is caused by oily or dirty skin. But what if, despite cleaning your skin regularly, you still experience acne breakouts before your period?

There’s a lot more to acne breakouts than simply having oily skin. In the case of period acne, its hormonal fluctuations that cause these breakouts.

It’s similar to how hormonal changes in teenagers result in moodiness and acne. However, the hormonal changes during menstruation are different from those that drive puberty.

How do Hormonal Fluctuations Cause Acne?

Hormonal changes are responsible for the entire menstruation process and acne is just a side-effect of this. Two hormones in particular are responsible for period acne. These include:

  • Estrogen
  • Progesterone

Both hormones spike before menstruation and may drop during the menstruation process. This spike leads to more sebum being secreted from the sebaceous glands.

Sebum is essential to keep your skin moisturized, but too much sebum causes pores to get clogged. It’s the culprit behind pimples, blackheads, blemishes and other skin problems.

How do I Know Whether its Regular Acne or Period Acne?

There’s no apparent difference between regular acne and period acne. Both spread just as fast and don’t go away easily.

However, regular acne is caused by using the wrong skincare products, eating the wrong foods, and not cleaning your face properly. If you take care to use skin-friendly beauty products and avoid junk foods, you shouldn’t get regular acne.

Period acne, on the other hand is completely natural and can affect you even if you’re follow a healthy lifestyle. It often spikes before menstruation and can spread quickly.

If your skin doesn’t get regular acne breakouts, but you suddenly get acne during your period, then it’s probably due to internal hormonal changes.

Remember, period acne is natural and there’s no way to prevent it. Nevertheless, you can reduce its effect or stop it from spreading with the right treatment.

If your period acne is deep and painful or you notice a rash or sores forming, consult a dermatologist for expert advice and embrace womanhood in all its forms!

Proven Home Remedies to Treat Period Acne

While period acne can’t be prevented, it can be treated effectively with home remedies. Following a healthy skincare routine and washing your face regularly is the best way to prevent acne breakouts. However, if acne breakouts do occur, follow these tips for effective results:

  1. Wash Your Face with an Antibacterial Cleanser

The first steps to containing an acne breakout is to reduce it from spreading. Acne breakouts spread fast, especially if your skin is oily and prone to pimples.

The best way to prevent acne from spreading is to wash your face with an antibacterial cleanser. A good facial cleanser can help remove dirt and toxins from your skin, preventing the acne from sprawling over your face. Washing your face twice a day should be sufficient.

  1. Use an Exfoliating Agent with Salicylic Acid

Exfoliating agents are great for improving your skin’s texture and health, and can help reduce acne as well.

Salicylic acid is also a great treatment for reducing skin inflammation and helps remove dead skin cells, dirt and other toxins from your skin. It also helps reduce the excess oil that contributes to acne.

  1. Apply Tea Tree Oil

If there’s anything that comes close to a magic substance in skin care, its tea tree oil!

Tea tree oil is a strong anti-inflammatory product that reduces inflammation, redness and swelling of the skin. It’s a great natural product for treating acne, skin cuts and other skin problems. Tea tree oil will also help your skin recover faster from the scars that acne may leave.

  1. Use Turmeric and Honey

Honey is used to treat many skin problems including rash and acne. It contains anti-bacterial properties that can kill bacteria and microbes that cause acne.

Turmeric is also used for skin treatment and applying it to your skin can reduce swelling, rash another skin problems owing to its antibacterial properties.

Lastly, remember that period acne may be affected by the foods you eat, so try consuming a healthy diet and avoid junk foods or foods high in sugar as these may cause acne to spread faster.

Plus, don’t forget to re-read our note above, and remember to choose the most comfortable sanitary cotton pads for your next period to stay stress-free all day long!

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