Feeling Stressed During Your Period? Try These Self-Care Tips!

Periods can be uncomfortable and stressful. Whether it’s a side-effect of physical symptoms like cramps, or a result of mental fatigue, it’s common to feel stressed during your period.

But is your stress affecting your ability to be productive at work or take care of your kids?

If that’s the case, then it’s time to manage your stress with self-care strategies.

What is self-care, and how can it help reduce your stress? Read on to find out!

What’s Behind Stressful Feelings During Your Period?

Hormonal fluctuation is usually behind the feelings of stress and anxiety during mensuration. In the first phase of mensuration (when your period begins), the levels of estrogen and progesterone are low. This results in the feelings of anxiety, fatigue, and stress.

However, there’s no need to be concerned. Most women complain about feeling mildly stressed during their period. Although it may not be the best feeling in the world, period stress is manageable.


By following some self-care tips!

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is a medical term referring to “a multidimensional, multifaceted process of purposeful engagement in strategies that promote healthy functioning and enhance well-being,” as cited in the Journal of Counseling Psychology.

In simple terms, it means taking care of your health – both mental and physical.

However, many people will often resort to stress-reduction medications or other care programs when all they need is a little self-care.

So, why look towards medication when you can reduce your stress with simple, everyday practices?

Here are some self-care tips to make your period stress-free:

1. Start with Physical Self-Care

When you think of self-care, what comes to mind? A simple spa-day and some me-time!

Remember that you’ll never be able to reduce your mental stress unless your body is in good shape. If you’re constantly feeling tired, how will you muster up the energy to deal with period-related side effects?

Physical self-care is not just limited to relaxing body massages, long baths, or simply taking care of your body and organs – it also includes meditation, exercising, and consuming a healthy diet.

The best thing about physical self-care is that it’s something that you can do, regardless of whether it’s your period or not.

So, go for a jog, eat healthy snacks, get enough sleep, and you’ll have a healthy body and sound mind that you need to deal with period stress more effectively.

2. Build Your Social Relationships

Do you feel like distancing yourself from the society during your period? Feeling stressed can make you avoid people, even if you’re naturally an extrovert!

However, avoiding people isn’t the solution. Rather, focus on maintaining healthy relationships to improve your mental state, so you can live through a stress-free period.

In fact, it’s proven by studies that people with better relationships will manage stress much better and usually live happier lives.

And it’s not just about focusing on making more friends, rather it’s the quality of your relationships that really matters.

So, instead of being content with a large social circle, focus on building meaningful relationships with friends or family who will be there for you when you need them.

3. Build a Mental Fortress

People with better mental fortitude usually handle stress better than those with a fragile mental state. Self-care also includes strengthening your mental state, so that you’re prepared for any challenge that life throws at you.

How can you become mentally stronger?

Here are some tips for mental exercise:

  • Play mind stimulating games and puzzles
  • Watch inspirational movies
  • Read self-improvement books
  • Take a course to sharpen a skill or learn a new one
  • Meditate

Take some time out daily from your busy schedule for strengthening your mental state, and you’ll soon start handling mental stress like a pro!

4. Understand Your Purpose in Life

Everyone has different life goals, but very few people are deeply aware of how to achieve them. Studies have shown that people with better spiritual understanding often handle stress much better.

Simply writing down your life goals will help reduce your stress as you connect with the universe around you. Even though you may be busier than ever, simply taking 10 minutes out of your schedule for self-reflection will add a whole new drive to your life.

5. Know How to Manage Your Emotions

One of the main aspects of successful self-care is emotional care. We all experience negative emotions occasionally, but how we deal with them impacts our mental health.

So, the next time when you’re feeling irritated or angry, look for a positive avenue to channel your frustration. Go for a run, talk to a friend, write down your feelings, or meditate to improve your emotional state and manage these feelings more effectively.

Also, engage in activities that give you emotional satisfaction. This could include giving to your favorite charity, doing community work, or even planting a tree.

Successful people often turn the worst of situations into something beneficial. So, instead of worrying about what’s causing period stress or turning towards medication, focus on self-care to channel your emotions into something productive.

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